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Mar 17, 2017
:iconyoshiunity:YoshiUnity has changed their username (formerly yoshiunity)
Juri vs B.B. Hood
Not too long ago, I heard of Udon running a fan art contest for their comic series Street Fighter vs Darkstalkers. I just made the deadline and here's hoping I'm able to full a win! Still, win or lose, I'm proud with how this came out. 


Interested in a commission? Click this link to check out my prices, rules and monthly deals!…

Be sure to read everything before asking! I do not take requests!

I'm also on Twitter and Tumblr!


Melonie - Bust shot

Still helping my folks move, so I don’t have a lot of time to work on anything complex.So here’s a bust shot of Melonie with a much cleaner facial design.

Moving has taken quite some time off of everything, but I’m jumping right back into my normal routine once this is done.


Interested in a commission? Click this link to check out my prices, rules and monthly deals!…

Be sure to read everything before asking! And I do not take requests!

I'm also on Twitter and Tumblr!


All Are Welcome into the Aether
I'll just say it. I'm not the biggest Pokemon fan. I've played a few games but I've never bought an actual Pgame before. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with the series. It's just that I never made a move due to being more interested in other games. I did play the demo for Sun and Moon and I can say that the game easily became a priority for me. I love how much it's flipping the script on how Pokemon works and expands on their biology with Aloha variations. Also the mystery of the Ultra Beasts. 

But the thing I love the most are the designs of the characters. With every new entry, they improve with more creative designs that not only look cool but convey what they're about. You look at Team Skull, you can not only tell they're bad news but also that they work more like a street gang. You look at the Aether Foundation, you can tell that they're trying to achieve a greater understanding. 

I drew the Aether Foundation first because they interest me a bit more than Team Skull. I feel like I know a lot of what Team Skull is about but the Aether Foundation still seems very enigmatic. We know that they are interested in the Ultra Beasts, curing hurt Pokemon and stopping Team Skull, but I can't help but feel like there's more to them. Pokemon games are usually more about the adventure than the story, but I feel that the player might butt heads with the Aether Foundation despite both having good intentions. 

Alright, time to explain some things that people might not even try to read! I know about UB-01, UB-02 Beauty and UB-02 Absorption. I also know that there are other Ultra Beasts but I started working on this way before the leaks came out. I have Beauty and Lusamine lined up like that because of their often compared designs. And I chose to draw Lusamine in that floating embracing pose because of the line she said about wanting to be like a mother onto all Pokemon and shower them with love. That line alone makes me wonder if there's more here than meets the eye. I could be wrong but we'll see...


Interested in a commission? Click this link to check out my prices, rules and monthly deals!…

Be sure to read everything before asking! And I do not take requests!

I'm also on Twitter and Tumblr!

Squirrel Girl and Tippy Toe
Here's Doreen Green A.K.A. Squirrel Girl! And yes, she is one of my favorite superheroes.

Honestly, my entire list is pretty expansive. Iron Man is still my top favorite and has been since the 90's cartoon series. I have also been a long time fan of The Flash, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, Batman, Moon Knight, Deadpool, Lobo, Ant-man -- to name a few more. But with the reputation Squirrel Girl has among comic readers, some people reading this are probably wondering I like her so much.

Well, I like it that she's upbeat and chose to be a superhero simply because she wanted to be one and she looked up to other heroes like Iron Man. I find it refreshing to have a hero that doesn't have a crap ton of emotional baggage. The worst thing that happened to her is that she was teased as a teenager and lost Monkey Joe, one of her best squirrel friends. Which is still sad, but she doesn't mourn over it every five minutes. Tippy Toe -- the squirrel on her shoulder -- took his place in that role afterward.

Squirrel Girl isn't a badass, nor should she be one. Her name is Squirrel Girl for goodness sake! In the current run of her comics "The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl" Doreen is an awkward college student balancing her school life with her life as a superhero. For example, her tail is real, but how does she hide it? By stuffing it in her pants and calling the bulge her "awesome butt". Her goofy nature is on purpose and most people who work on her comics actually got what makes her great. (Except for the few that tried to make her act "cool"... What the heck, guys?) And even though she's awkward, she not a pushover. She'll stand up for herself and those she wants to protect as a hero should.

But the best thing about her is that she's incredibly effective despite her quirky nature. The motto of Spider-man's comics is "With great power comes great responsibility." If Squirrel Girl was known for one, it would be "Never underestimate someone's potential". Over her runs in the comics, Doreen has beaten Doctor Doom, The Mandarin, Giganto, MODOK, Thanos, Terrax, Bug-Eyed Voice, Bi-Beast, Deadpool, Pluto, Wolverine, Fing Fang Foom, Baron Mordo, Korvac, Ego the Living Planet, Kraven the Hunter, Whiplash, Hawkeye, Spider-Man, Capt. America (Sam Wilson) and Black Widow. Most of them single-handed at that. She's even stopped Galactus from eating Earth just by talking to him about how much of a jerk Thanos is. And if people can count the time Deadpool stopped Galactus by annoying him, then I don't see how this wouldn't count since she still saved the Earth.

And on a final note, her powers aren't lame as people think. She's a give and take of Spider-Man (in strength, leaping and climbing minus the spider-sense and webs.), Ant-Man (though communicates with squirrels instead of ants.) and Wolverine (sharp claws but with a much slower healing factor.) So she doesn't have a problem holding her own at all. But no matter how great the powers are, they don't define the superhero and make them great alone. It's the hero themselves that do that. And if they're able to get the job done that many times and still feel proud to protect those in need, then they are a damn good superhero! 


Interested in a commission? Click this link to check out my prices, rules and monthly deals!…

Be sure to read everything before asking! And I do not take requests!

I'm also on Twitter and Tumblr!



Some great fan art for a great movie!
A Scuttling Rivalry
Shantae is a fantastic series of video games that deserves all the love and respect it gets! A picture like this would normally cost around 86 dollars. But due to limitations, it could be yours for 8000 points!
Smashified Princess Daisy
She may have not made it to Smash Bros. 4, but that doesn't stop me from being proud of smashifying her myself!
Codename: S.T.E.A.M.
Some fan art for a underrated and fantastic game! By my normal wage, the would reach around 200 dollars. But due to DA's limitations, you can have it for a mere 8000 points!
Phoenix and Maya
Becoming more hyped up for Ace Attorney 6? So am I!
Sonic and the Secret Rings
Fan art made for Sonic and the Secret Rings!
Pun Pun Kill Chan
Pun Pun Kill-Chan (My rendition of the Rule 63 Punisher made by Super Best Friends Play)


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Favorite character: Yoshi
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<da:thumb id="581866667"/>…

UPDATE: It’s officially the FINAL DAY FOR THIS DEAL as well as these prices! If you want to take advantage of it, it must be done TODAY! After today, commissions WILL be closed for the month of August due to my final college semester. After the break, deals will continue but prices will increase. 

Hey everyone! I just wanted to make a journal to advertise the final week of the July Monthly deal! And even though this is the final day of the month, that’s still some time to ask me for a commission and take advantage of this deal.Because as long as you ask me for a commission no later than July 31, 2016 at 11:59pm US Eastern Time, you can still take advantage of this deal and I’ll still make time to work on them. And if you already have a commission set, don’t worry, it will be completed. So if you’re interested, be sure to send me a note as soon as possible!

For prices and details – which I advise you to read – please click the link and we can get down to business!

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